This event is a clothing optional event. You MUST be on the guest list to get into this private party. Attendance is limited.


This event is a gathering of men who are interested in or experienced with left-handed Tantra through discussion and through embodied hands-on erotic engagement experiences. This is a clothing optional event for men only. No experience is necessary only a willingness to engage is needed.



To register for this event, please drop me a line at

I’ll add you to my email list so that you get invites sent directly to you each month. This list is ONLY used for these type events and never sold or shared for any reason. To be added to the email list please include a face photo with your email.  Once I receive your email and photo, I’ll reply with directions to the studio and info to help you prepare for the event. No prepayment or deposits are required. Entry is limited to the first 16 guys who sign up. Payment is due upon entry into the studio.



Tantra is a spiritual practice that has roots reaching as far back as the 5th century CE in both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Tantra is a weaving/mixing of components from several older traditions to create a new field of study. Right-handed Tantra is based on intellectual study and theory. Left-handed Tantra is based in embodied experiences to explore the teachings. Tantra is its own spiritual practice as a way to achieve enlightenment and connection to the Divine.

At each gathering I’ll focus a discussion on one of the 6 Principles which govern the style of left-handed Tantra that I study and practice. We will discuss how these principles form the philosophy of Tantra and how they show up in our lives. The remainder of the evening will be spent rotating into smaller groups of 2-4 to conduct erotic experiments to see the principles in action.




The door will open from 4:30 – 5:00. The event will begin at 5pm. The cost to enter the event is $30. The event is scheduled to end at 8pm.

I've created a locker room for you to put your belonging and clothing in. There are small lockers and locks available. You are welcome to bring your own lock as well.

The event will be held in the main studio at “The Crow’s Nest Escape”. There will be complimentary non-alcoholic beverages available at each event. This is a non-smoking event. Please refrain from consuming alcohol or recreational drugs before this event so that you have a clear head as you engage the practice.

I’ll provide back-jacks for seating, hand towels and bath towels to use in the exercises. I encourage you to bring the following:

  • A sheet to lay on
  • Water bottle
  • Paper to write on
  • Something to write with
  • An open mind and willingness to learn


When we break into smaller groups of 2-4, you will be conducting hands-on erotic embodiment exercises. These can play out in many ways and are intended to help you learn about your body, explore issues which hold you back and learn about yourself and your habits on a more conscious level. For these exercises I will be providing condoms, massage oil, lube, and nitrile gloves. You are encouraged to bring any of those items that you would like if you have special preferences for any of those.



You are welcome and encouraged to invite others to join us for the event but they MUST BE on the guest list beforehand as this is a private event. To get on the invite list for any event, please drop me a line at

I’ll get you added to the email list. This list is ONLY used for these invites and never sold or used for any other purpose. Invites for each event go out about 10 days before the event and only those who respond and request to be on the guest list will be allowed in. The location of the event is in the SoDo district in Seattle. You will be given specific instructions to get to the space when you sign up to attend an event.



When does this event occur?

This event occurs on the second(2nd) Sunday of the scheduled month. Doors open at 4:30pm. Event beings at 5pm. This event is one of many in a series and will only occur when scheduled.


How many guys typically attend?

Based upon the size of the space the entry limit is set at 16 guys.


Do I have to be naked?

No but you certainly may. Since this is an event for the exploration of embodied Tantra principles having your body exposed will be part of the experimentation. Nudity will be a part of the evening by many. All boundaries however will be respected and aheared to.


Can I just come and watch?

No. This eent is about diiscussion and erotic engagement. Left-handed Tantra is explored through hands-on fully-embodied experiments and not just through philosophical discussion. As such, engagement with others is part of the process.


What if I get an erection or have an orgasm?

I hope you will enjoy them both. Both of these are welcome experiences and a wonderful part of the event. While the event is not focused on orgasm, ejaculations may occur intentionally or unintentionally as part of the experiments. This is all part of the experience and something you will personally manage throughout the event.


Where is this event held?

The event is held in my private work/play space called The Crow’s Nest Escape. It is located in the SoDo District. You'll be given directions the space when you sign up for an event.


Can I just show up if I've been before and know where it is?

No. Since there is nudity at this event it is therefore considered a private event. You absolutely must be on the guest list to get in especially since we have limited capacity even if you have attended an event in the past.


Is this a “Safe Only” event?

No. Since this is an “adult only” event however, I have no desire to enforce any type of activity. Condoms and gloves are provided and their use is encouraged but not enforced. Since we are adults, each attendee is responsible for expressing and monitoring their own boundaries and needs.


What about disease concerns?

I don’t monitor this at the group level nor do I exclude guys who are HIV+/undetectable. Just like in the real world, you are responsible for any risks that you take with anyone. If you are unsure, don’t do it. Condoms and nitrile gloves are provided for you to protect yourself as necessary.


Can I bring beer or wine, smoke pot, vape or consume edibles?

No. This is an event of no intoxicants so that you have a clear head to be able to engage and discuss without issue. If you are intoxicated when you arrive, you will be denied entry. Please understand that this is not a judgment on any of these inebriants but rather a way to keep a clear head to engage this spiritual practice.





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