This event is a clothing optional event. You MUST be on the guest list to get into this private party. Attendance is limited.



This event is about information sharing and education. The topics will change from event to event but will all have an erotic theme to them. Each event will include a discussion of the topic and time for attendees to explore the topic for themselves through hands-on work with the other participants. Couples and singles are welcome. These are "men only" events.



To register for this event, please drop me a line at

I’ll add you to my email list so that you get invites sent directly to you each month. This list is ONLY used for these type events and never sold or shared for any reason. To be added to the email list please include a face photo with your email.  Once I receive your email and photo, I’ll reply with directions to the event and info to help you prepare for the evening. No prepayment or deposits are required. Entry is limited to the first 16 guys who sign up. Payment is due upon entry into the event.



The doors will open from 4:30 – 5:00. The discussion will begin at 5 sharp so please plan your arrival accordingly. Please see the calendar of events below for the scheduled topics for each event.

Cost: $30


I and any guest educator will be available during the hands-on exploration portion of the event to support you. We learn through play and so playing with what you’ve just learned helps you to fully embody the knowledge. It’s a chance to learn from others some new ways to engage your play and enhance your experiences. You are welcome to use the toys and equipment that is available within the Crow’s Nest for your enjoyment. You are highly encouraged to bring your own gear (for your use or to share) to make the event as fun as possible for as many as possible.

One of the most powerful parts of this type of group experience is that you have the eyes and attention of the others at the event. If you open to that awareness you will discover that you are able to surrender into the experience even with a total stranger because your safety is assured by the group. It’s a chance to explore activities that you might not be able to with one-on-one private experiences because you may choose to be bound or blindfolded and so fear for your safety isn’t a concern because we’ve got lots of eyes on you.



These events will happen in the main studio. This adds a certain intimacy to the experience despite the group nature. You'll see this for yourself when you attend. I provide lube, towels, regular sized non-lubricated condoms and nitrile gloves. You are welcome to bring any personal items that you would like to make your time more enjoyable. Cockrings, specialty lubes, special condoms, poppers, dildo’s and cock toys which you may have are absolutely welcome and encouraged. The more fun you have individually the more fun the collective group can have. Bring what makes you feel happy and sexy.

There will be candy and non-alcoholic beverages available at each event. You are welcome to bring a bottle of wine or beer with you to share with the group but no other alcohol please. Also, this is a non-smoking event.

Men of all shapes, sizes and ages attend these events and seem to always feel comfortable because we create community space and encourage openness with all those present. Anyone who is disrupting the space, disrespecting others boundaries or in any way causing trouble will be asked to leave and not return. There is no room for attitude at these events because this is about creating community and sharing in the brotherhood of men.



You are welcome and encouraged to invite others to join us for the evening but they MUST BE on the guest list beforehand as this is a private party. To get on the invite list for any event, please drop me a line at

and I’ll get you added to our email list. This list is ONLY used for these invites and never sold or used for any other purpose. Invites for each event go out about 10 days before the event and only those who respond and request to be on the guest list will be allowed in. The location of the event is in the SoDo district in Seattle. You will be given specific instructions to get to the space when you sign up to attend an event.



When does this event occur?

This event occurs on the second (2nd) Sunday evening of each month. Doors open at 4:30pm. Education event beings at 5pm. Event ends at 8.


How many guys typically attend?

Based upon the size of the space, the entry limit is set at 16 guys. Typically in any of the non-summer months (when attendance is lower), we reach capacity and have a waiting list.


Do I have to be naked?

No but you certainly may and I hope you will. Since this is an erotic event, nudity will be part of the experience. As such, you are encouraged to wear what makes you feel sexy but certainly complete nudity will be a part of the evening by many. Feel free to wear any gear that helps you feel sexy and is on topic for the event.


What is the average age of attendees?

The majority of guys who attend are typically between 45-55, the next largest group would be 35-45, 55+ and then those below 35.


What is the average build of attendees?

As with the age, shape and size are in a range. The average attendee is what I think of as "average Joe". Like most of us in our 40's and 50's, we have a level of fitness but a bit of softness as well. All shapes and sizes are welcome. It's important to remember that this event is just for education/play and as such encouraging guys to let go of their "type" and just enjoy those who are present is part of the experience. You'll be amazed at how much more fun you have (here and in life) when you stop seeking only your type and can find the sexiness in any man. You are never required to erotically engage anyone.


Can I just come and watch?

These educational events are structured in a way that encourages everyone to participate at their level of comfort. Engagement is part of the experience. As such, just watching is not an option. If your personal limits, relationship boundaries or fears limit you from being able to engage with the others present then this is not the event for you.


What if I get an erection or have an orgasm?

I hope you will enjoy them both. Both of these are welcome experiences and a wonderful part of the event. This event is about creating a space where it is okay to be sexy, to feel good, to connect with other men and create community. We come together as men to celebrate all that makes us men and that includes erections.


Where is this event held?

The event is held in my private work/play space called The Crow’s Nest Escape. It is located in the SoDo District. You'll be given directions the space when you sign up for an event.


Can I just show up if I've been before and know where it is?

No. Since there is nudity at this event it is therefore considered a private party. You absolutely must be on the guest list to get in especially since we have limited capacity even if you have attended an event in the past.


Is this a “Safe Only” event?

No. Since this is an “adult only” event however, I have no desire to enforce any type of activity. Condoms and gloves are provided and their use is encouraged but not enforced. Since we are adults, each attendee is responsible for expressing and monitoring their own boundaries and needs.


What about disease concerns?

I don’t monitor this at the group level nor do I exclude guys who are HIV+/undetectable. Just like in the real world, you are responsible for any risks that you take with anyone. If you are unsure, don’t do it. Condoms and nitrile gloves are provided for you to protect yourself as necessary.


Can I bring beer or wine?

Certainly. Non-alcoholic beverages are available. No alcohol is served by the host. No liquor is allowed in the event however. Also, anyone appearing/smelling intoxicated will NOT be allowed in to the event.


Can I smoke pot, vape or consume edibles?

Certainly but just smoke/vape outside in the private courtyard. Please be aware of how you handle yourself in an altered state. Just use your good judgment. If anyone gets out of control however, you will be asked to leave for the evening or just sit and watch.




The schedule of topics is subject to change as we move forward. The eductional topic will be announced when the invites for the events go out and will be locked in at that point. I will update this page if any of the future scheduled topics change.

March 2018 - Prostate massage and assplay

July 2018 - Becoming a multi-orgasmic male


Unscheduled future topics include:

Giving a sexy massage

Sensation play with sensory deprevation









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